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"In order to understand what is taking place, we have to interpret Walter Benjamin’s idea that capitalism is really a religion literally, the most fierce, implacable and irrational religion that has ever existed because it recognizes neither truces nor redemption. A permanent worship is celebrated in its name, a worship whose liturgy is labor and its object, money. God did not die; he was transformed into money. The Bank—with its faceless drones and its experts—has taken the place of the church with its priests, and by its command over credit (even loans to the state, which has so blithely abdicated its sovereignty), manipulates and manages the faith—the scarce and uncertain faith—that still remains to it in our time. Furthermore, the claim that today’s capitalism is a religion is most effectively demonstrated by the headline that appeared on the front page of a major national newspaper a few days ago: “Save the Euro Regardless of the Cost”. Well, “salvation” is a religious concept, but what does “regardless of the cost” mean? Even at the cost of sacrificing human lives? Only within a religious perspective (or, more correctly, a pseudo-religious perspective) could one make such plainly absurd and inhuman statements."

Agamben, “God Didn’t Die, He Was Transformed Into Money” (Libcom)

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Q: What was the Greatest Moment in Allen Iverson’s career?

A: The Philadelphia 76ers steal Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals from the defending champion Lakers in Los Angeles.  Iverson goes for 48 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 5 steals in 52 minutes played.

With 55 seconds left in overtime, and the Sixers up just two points, AI took Tyronn Lue to the baseline, crossed him over between the legs, stroked the jump shot, then stepped over his Lue’s fallen body.

This moment was so great, not only is it the most memorable moment of Iverson’s career, it’s also what you remember about Tyronn Lue.

Allen Iverson was a bad dude.


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Furia gatuna.




Furia gatuna.


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But why?

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